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City & Culture


City & Culture

Dahlonega is a beautiful historic town with a lot to offer. The breathtaking scenery makes it a perfect place to explore and experience the outdoors, while also taking in all of its historic culture.

In Dahlonega and throughout the rest of Lumpkin County, you’ll find galleries, festivals, markets, beautiful wineries, delicious food, and many other spots that are off the beaten path. If this is your first time in Georgia, we invite you to add Dahlonega to your itinerary.



We believe that dining doesn’t need to be expensive to be fine. Dahlonega and its surrounding districts boast some of the best BBQ, Italian, Mexican, and American food around, and all at affordable prices. Those looking for a more posh vibe will be happy to know that our neighborhood also offers restaurants perfect to celebrate those special events or just to enjoy a phenomenal dinning experience.



Downtown Dahlonega has it all—from boutiques that feature independent designers to thrift stores and craft fairs full of one-of-a-kind finds. This is where you can find those truly inspirational pieces that will add something special to your closet or home. No matter what store you go to, you are sure to find products that you couldn’t get anywhere else.


Beautiful Vineyards

Dahlonega is in the heart of North Georgia’s Wine country. You can sit and enjoy company while tasting all the wines offered. Or even try some of the small-batch beets crafted by local breweries.


OutDoor Adventures

Whether you’re looking to take a hike, river raft, mouton bike or even mine for gold, Dahlonega has it. There is some of the most fun and adventures things to do for anyone who truly loves the outdoors and all it has to offer. Take the opportunity to experience it all up close and personal. We promise you won’t regret it.